Welcome to the site for the Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Hackers or MESH. We are a group whose goal is to create a hackerspace in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We have open membership and invite you to become part of the growing DIY maker community in Melbourne. We are now an incorporated not-for-profit body, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Hackers Inc.

Our next meeting is on Sunday, October 12, 2 pm to 5 pm at the Ringwood Trade Training Facility – 3 Hill Street, Ringwood East.

You can join by emailing chris.fryer78@gmail.com or signing up to our MeetUp group.

If you don’t know what a hacker space maker movement is – keep reading. You can also check out our about page.

MESH is about supporting a growing maker community that we can all be a part of. Our hackerspace will be a social environment where makers can congregate to share their knowledge, learn and build things together.

Hopefully as it grows it will become a center for the development of open source software and hardware. It will be a space open to all people always having open membership. We want people from all walks of life to join. Just because you do not know anything about technology does not bar you from membership.

It will also be a place where members of the greater community can have access to technologies such as 3-D printing and laser cutters. The maker movement also creates an opportunity for disabled people. The huge range of programming languages, computer aided design, social media and access to knowledge gives physically disabled people the chance to take their full place in society.

Some links:

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